Selected dicography

As leader/co leader
Karl-Martin Almqvist Quartet ”Karl-Martin Almqvist” (Prophone Records PCD 057, 2001)
Karl-Martin Almqvist Quartet ”Full Circle” (Prophone Records PCD 068, 2004)
Karl-Martin Almqvist Quartet ”Stretching A Portfolio” (Prophone Records PCD 090, 2008)
Almqvist/Landaeus Duo ”Double Door” (Prophone Records PCD 089, 2006)
The Bjaerv Encounters ”Bjaerv” (Imogena Records IGCD 168, 2010)
The Bjaerv Encounters ”Flight” (Imogena Records IGCD 209, 2014)
Almqvist/Carlquist ”Reruns Volume 1” (fcjazz)
Almqvist/Sjöstedt ”Good To Be” (Connective Records CTV 36529, 2012)
Moksha (Moserobie MMPCD 015, 2003)

As sideman
Mathias Landeus ”Blåbete” (Amigo)
Mathias Landeus ”Darling” (Amigo)
Mathias Landeus ”House of Approximation” (Moserobie MMPCD 011, 2003)
Mathias Landeus ”Fringe People” (Moserobie MMPCD 019, 2004)
Mathias Landeus ”Goes A Long Long Way” (Moserobie MMPCD 057, )
Peter Danemo ”Peter Danemo” (Kopacetic KOPACD 042, 2013)
Martin Sjöstedt ”Whereabouts” (Connective Records CTV 36523, 2010)
Robert Erlandsson Quartet ”News” (EUM)
Rigmor Gustafsson Kvintett ”Live” (Prophone Records PCD 054)
Jacob Karlzon ”Big 5” (Prophone Records PCD 069, 2003”
Jacob Karlzon ”Heat” (Caprice Records 2009 ”
Maggi Olin Band ”Live at Fasching” (Prophone Records 063 2002)
Maggi Olin Band ”Le Specialité” (Prophone Records 079, 2005)
Torben Waldorff ”Squealfish”
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”Lakes” (Dragon DRCD 352)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”Sailing” (Dragon 400)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”Ikaros” (Dragon)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”Homage” (Dragon 389)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”Waves from the Vanguard” (Dragon 403)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”SJO plays SJO” (Dragon 407)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”The Music of Jukkis Outila” (KS Jazz)
Stockholm Jazz Orchestra ”In A Blink of An Eye, Martin Sjöstedt” (Connective Records CTV 36531, 2013)
Håkan Broström ”New Places” (Phono Suecia)
ASJO ”Point of View” (Pitch Blue Records)
ASJO ”The Story Of Us” (Pitch Blue Records)
Norrbotten Bigband ”Grains”
Norrbotten Bigband ”Avatar Sessions” (Fuzzy Music)
Norrbotten Bigband Outi Tarkiainen ”Into The Woodland Silence”

Saxophone player and jazz composer