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Musical projects - Karl Martin Almqvist


Bjærv Encounters
This is a group I front together with my ”brother” Robert Nordmark. Robert and I have played and toured a lot with the ”Stockholm Jazz Orchestra”. Several continents have been explored. Lot´s of inspiration brought us together in a smaller group. It was on Robert´s initiativ and I am very thankful!
The setting is two saxes, guitar, electric/upright bass and drums. The music is filled with energy but still very lyrical in my opinion. The group has released two cds, the last one, ”Flight”, in august 2014.

This quartet consists of myself, Daniel ”Star” Karlsson, Christian Spering and Peter Danemo. We all contribute with tunes. Debut album is coming soon, very soon. Release date the 8th of october 2014. Ever since I had the honour and pleasure, touring with Daniel´s ”Jazz i Sverige” project ”Pan-Pan” in 2005-06, I´ve been longing to do some more small group playing with this fantastic musician and pianist. It took some time, but it finally happened!

Almqvist-Carlquist ”Reruns”
Chordless quartet with my other tenor ”brother”, Fredrik Carlquist. Me and Fredrik go way back, think early -90ies and location Malmö, southern Sweden. We studied in Malmö around the same time ,and had our ”outside school education” together in the great Malmö based band ”Monday Night Big Band”. Later I went to New York for a couple of years and Fredrik moved to Barcelona. In 2007 we started doing music together again. I went to Spain and we played quartet dates with great guys from Barcelona. We recorded our debut cd in Fredrik´s living room. I think it sounds really good. The cd is called ”Reruns vol. 1”
Plans are made for a volume 2..

Stark Almqvist Wiklund Spering
This is another chordless quartet with the setting tenor/alto sax, trombone, bass and drums. I love playing with those guys. We all bring in material to play. From very lyrical stuff to open high energy tunes. The debut cd is coming in october 2014. We recorded one day at the great studio ”Atlantis” in stockholm a couple of years ago. Finally on print…

Almqvist-Sjöstedt ”Good To Be”
This is a quartet I started together with my great friend Martin Sjöstedt. Those days everybody knows him as both a great bassist and pianist. In this group Martin plays the piano, Daniel Franck bass and the great drummer and spirit Kesivan Naidoo plays drums. It´s quite a long way to Capetown from Scandinavia, so sometimes we have used other drummers like Sebastian Ågren.
We made our debut cd and then toured South Africa. A totally faboulus experience.
I´m very much looking forward to coming gigs!

Olding/Lukkarinen Quartet
Another quartet setting led by guitarist Hans Olding and finnish drummer Jaska Lukkarinen. Me and old friend Mattias Welin on bass completes the band. Finland and Sweden has been toured and there is more to come. Debut cd is released in end of october 2014. (lots of cds released in oct -14…)

Robert Erlandsson Quartet
This group is put together by great bassist and friend Robert Erlandsson. Robban wrote all the music and we went to Roger Kriegs great little studio on St.Eriks plan i sthlm. One day in there and all music was on tape. I think it´s a very nice record that I´m proud of being a part of. Robert Erlandsson bass, Daniel Tilling piano, K-M tenor and fellow värmlänning Chris Montgomery on drums.

Saxophone player and jazz composer